Why “Shameless”?

“Shameless” is more of a goal than a destination.  As I wrote in my first post, I’m sure the rabbinic tradition knew that many of us need help moving past our fears. They set up our prayers so that we ask God regularly to help us NOT be ashamed.  V’lo nevosh l’olam va’ed.  They knew it takes work– and some Divine help– to show up for our lives, to be the people God wants us to be, without embarrassment or shame.

This past summer, I celebrated reading every word of the Torah, and I threw a fabulous Torah party, which started it all.  When I completed that goal, I got to thinking:  what’s my next goal?  What’s the next thing I would do, if I had no sense of fear, no sense of shame?

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. So this is me, writing.  I’m not promising to write every day, or every week, but I’m promising to keep plugging away.  At times, it might feel embarrassing or imperfect or, for that matter, not particularly remarkable, but hey, that’s why I’m calling it “shameless.”   If I can inspire any reader to take your own risks, to go after your own goals, then I’m succeeding.  What’s your next goal?  What would YOU do if you had no sense of fear or shame?  Join the club! Let me know the ways in which you’re bringing a little shameless spirit into your own life… I can’t wait to hear.



2 thoughts on “Why “Shameless”?

  1. I am delighted and so grateful (!) that you have started this blog. You have always been a source of inspiration, deep wisdom and honesty and being able to tap into your thoughts with a single mouse click is a great gift. I look forward to learning and growing with you through your nuanced, insightful posts. Bravo!


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